Barbara Louise

This isn’t Barbara but her wound was similar

Barbara Louise was taken in by her new owners, Michael and Kristy after being abused and abandoned. She was found with her right front leg trapped under her collar and with a resultant nasty wound under her arm that didn’t want to heal.

While such wounds are small and fairly unimpressive, they can be very difficult to fix. When the collar (over the trapped leg), has worn through the skin and ground all sorts of foreign material into the wound, it just gets too hard for the tissue to mend.

We tried antibiotics for many months and made several attempts to stitch things back together again, but nothing worked. After six months, we decided it was time to give that damaged tissue a whole new start. A skin grafting procedure was undertaken to provide a new flap of skin over the effected area. There was just no other way to fix it.

Barbara had her big surgery in June this year. The area of debilitated skin around the wound was trimmed away, leaving an open area in the armpit. We freed up a flap of skin from her shoulder area, flipped it around through 180 degrees with its blood and nerve supply still intact, and used it to graft over the defect.

Barbara spent a month in a bandage sling to prevent her moving and loosening the repair work and once used to being temporarily three-legged, she handled this very well.

The bandage is now off, and Barbara is proud of her new armpit! It used to be white, but now it’s grey and she says she is very happy with that. When she scratches under her arm, it still feels like her shoulder! How good is that?

Barbara is a great example of what can be done when owners and pets are willing and patient enough to give things a try. We wish Barbara, Michael, and Kristy all the best.