Designer shades for dogs with tender eyes.

The cool dog photo snaps here are a lot more than a canine fashion statement. Some dogs can be quite badly affected by sunlight damage to their eyes. Dogs that have little or no protective eyelid pigmentation are predisposed to developing fairly serious UV tissue damage from our harsh northern sunlight.

Chronic UV damage to poorly pigmented eyelids can cause “sore eyes” in the first instance. It is as if the eyes have a persistent, irritating kind of conjunctivitis that results in their having swollen, reddened eyelids with sometimes a “gummy” discharge also. Subsequently, sunburn affected eyes can develop skin cancers that can be very difficult to treat.

There has never before been a preventative treatment for this condition… and while you might think most dogs would hate wearing these dog-goggles, none so far have objected. It is almost as if they are able to immediately feel more comfortable with them on. Who can say, but the fact is the dogs will wear them and the doggles do work… Interesting!