Fees and Charges

As with modern human medicine there have been many developments in veterinary medicine but these have increased costs and there is no government subsidy ( Medicare ) for pets. All companion animal fees are also subject to GST.

However maintaining your pet’s health does not have to be expensive. We are a small privately owned clinic and most of our profits are re-invested in facilities and human resources to improve services. We have no shareholders to please.

Basic preventative services such as vaccinations, microchips, desexings and worming and flea products are discounted to maintain affordability. Our staff can recommend the most effective , low cost products for parasite control – just because a product is cheaper does not mean it is less effective.

If your pet is sick and needs diagnostic tests ( including laboratory tests, X-rays, endoscopy etc ), medications or surgery we always endeavour to provide an accurate estimate. If the future medical requirements are unknown we shall advise you at least daily of costings at the same time as reporting on progress of your pet. We always recommend the best treatment for your pet and allow you to make decisions on expenses and can advise how to proceed if the best treatment is above budget limits.

We do not provide credit generally as this would compromise our business and restrict our ability to provide services but there are a variety of ways vet costs can be facilitated, including pet insurance ( which should be started when the animal is young ) and Vetpay which provides credit in urgent situations. We shall always ensure your pet has adequate pain relief in any situation, although tragically euthanasia may be the only viable answer.

If you require any estimates or would like to know fixed fees for any routine procedures please phone and our staff will be happy to assist.