Lost and Found Pets

This story was reported on our Facebook Page on 16th June 2012

“Wow, we’ve had the complete flip of the microchip story today. A cat has been bought in as a stray to get it checked out as the finder was concerned for her well being.

Turns out she has a microchip but when scanned the details are registered in NSW. Our original hopes faded as we were sure the details would be incorrect. Called the number anyway just to be sure and guess what?! The owner who was deployed to Afghanistan over 8 months ago was contacted within minutes.

Her cat went missing from the carer’s place the day after she left and she has been looking for her ever since, but on returning from Afghan was posted to NSW. She kept her details updated just on the off chance this might happen. And it has, more than 12 months from when she went missing. She is going to put the cat into boarding here in Townsville until she has moved house and can have her little kitty back safe and sound.

Moral of the story people – MICROCHIPS WORK. The only thing you need to do is never give up hope and KEEP YOUR DETAILS UP TO DATE!!!”


You can learn more about Microchipping your pets in Townsville on our main page, including the answers to some frequently asked questions and concerns about when microchipping can be done, if it hurts your pet and much more.  If your pet isn’t microchipped, there’s a real risk of losing them for good.  It’s a quick process and as the stories above and below prove, it can help reunite you with your beloved pet should they ever go missing, even if you think there isn’t much hope of finding them again, or after many months have passed.



Lost and Found Pets
Lost Cat Poster (Flickr.com)

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