Makita’s Strange Appetite

Makita is a 4 year old English Bull Terrier dog with a huge appetite.

She decided to include a hosepipe attachment as part of her diet. This was a really bad idea as after leaving the stomach it stuck halfway along the small intestine, caused considerable damage and the bowel perforated.

She was brought in to Western Suburbs Vet Clinic in Townsville as soon as the owners realised something was amiss. She became ill rapidly and was collapsed and vomiting.

She became so ill because of peritonitis – basically a damaged bowel can leak gut contents into the abdomen resulting in a massive inflammatory reaction involving all of the abdominal organs. The animal goes into shock and may die.

Makita was lucky. Her owners contacted us as soon as they realised something was dreadfully wrong. After intensive care for 5 days, two operations and a huge amount of medication, thankfully she pulled through and made a great recovery.

The bottle of pink fluid dangling from her collar is connected to an abdominal drain. This allows excess fluid to be removed and monitored and if necessary we can give her intestines a good wash without having to re-operate ! The photo also shows the whole drain, once removed.

The poor family has another bull terrier dog called Hammer. He came in collapsed late at night, two days after Makita was admitted. He had eaten a bag of rib bones and sustained bowel damage and food poisoning. This resulted in life-threatening bloody diarrhoea, vomiting and a blood infection that affected his kidneys.

He has also been on intensive therapy but is now improving. We shall be monitoring his kidney function with blood tests and ultrasound assessment over the next few weeks.

Has your pet ever eaten anything strange? Please comment below and share …..

7 thoughts on “Makita’s Strange Appetite!”

  1. Dogs will eat anything, in my experience,at least when they are puppies. Sorry I don’t have any Wow stories though. Your blog made me feel so sorry for the dogs and their family. They must have been devastated.

  2. I have a close friend who would burst out crying if she saw these photographs. She loves her English bull terriers. She has two of her own which she treats like her children. Just happy this story has a happy ending 🙂

  3. wow..2 dogs in one home? what are those odds? I don’t have pets due to allergies but i love dogs. The strangest thing i have seen is my sisters puggle eats kleenex.

  4. Wow. Lightning can strike twice. It’s odd that rib bones could have caused such damage. I’ve been raw feeding for years and my dogs and cats eat small bones with no problem. The odds of a dog getting food poisoning from raw is pretty rare.

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