Pet Heaven in Bluewater

2004 Richard Murray BVSc, MSc, FAVA

I have, for a long time, thought that a proper pet cemetery was something that Townsville really needed. The emotional attachment to pets is real and often deep. Anybody who has lost a pet animal that they cared about, naturally wants the resting place of that deceased companion to be in pleasant and secure surroundings.

An integral part of our Western Suburbs Vet Clinic spectrum of care for pets and pet owners now includes the Pet Heaven package of cemetery / crematorium services.

It is a blessing for us to be able to access this service – all the more so because of the genuine consideration and care that each case is given by Kathy Girvan and her staff.

There are a lot of good reasons why the development of a dedicated and professionally managed pet cemetery for the Townsville district has always been a good idea.

I believe the following three items are a fairly good summation:

  1. While the City Council arrangement for pet burial is both clean and tidy, many people feel uncomfortable about this option because of the perception that it feels a bit too much like just sending them to the dump. A pet cemetery is simply a preferable option for them
  2. Burial at home is a preferred option for a lot of people because it feels right for them to have those emotional linkages close to the home where the pet lived. However, for those pet owners who rent or live at an address that is only temporary, this doesn’t work out so well and a cemetery serves better for their needs
  3. For individual personal reasons, some people prefer cremation to burial and vice versa. It makes sense to cater for both of these options at the same location if possible.

In September 2003 our Clinic put in a new garden for Pet Heaven at Bluewater. Eight tons of rocks, 3 pallets of garden border blocks, 6 metres of top soil, equal amounts of granite sand and mulch, plus a bunch of shrub seedlings have gone into that WSVC garden. Rod Girvan, myself and Kevin (caretaker and green keeper at Pet Heaven) toiled for days to get it all done. Nice job. Looks good.

You will immediately see from the pictures that this garden setting still looks a little sparse and new. But you get that with new gardens and it won’t be long before this one is all shady and attractive. Right now I’m planning to do another garden for this year. I really love what Kathy and Rod have done by turning the PetHeaven vision into reality… and I fully intend to keep helping out with the landscaping for as long as she wants me to.