Animal Behaviour

Pet behaviour problems are very stressful and ideally are prevented with attention to basics at Puppy preschool or adolescent dog training classes.

We host training classes run by professional dog trainer Belinda Young of Treat Play Love.

Some of the commonest problems we see in dogs and cats are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • House soiling
  • Chewing and destructive behaviour
  • Biting / mouthing
  • Barking inappropriately
  • Compulsive disorders

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for any of these problems but we can suggest training techniques to modify behaviour and arrange home visits from a professional trainer to help reduce problems.

In severe cases we may prescribe behaviour modifying medication to help animals.

These drugs are powerful and have to be used carefully – they are related to anti-depressant medications in people.

We can also assist with pheromone treatments. Pheromones are natural products that are secreted by animals that trigger social responses in other members of the same species.

When used in conjunction with training techniques they can be successful in calming and focusing attention.

They can interact with other drugs so if your animal needs medication or surgery it is important to inform us if behaviour-modifying drugs are being used.