Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Classes at Western Suburbs Vet Clinic are run by professional dog trainer Belinda Young, owner of Treat Play Love. Belinda has been running Puppy Classes in Australian vet clinics for over 6 years. She has developed a class program to help new puppy owners teach their puppy to be a perfect family pet.

The program runs over five consecutive weeks and covers important puppy topics including:

– The importance of socialisation
– Normal puppy behaviour
– Solving puppy problems
– Teaching perfect puppy behaviour
– Supervised puppy play
– And much more…

Training Basics

Western Suburbs Vet Clinic is pleased to host training classes for adult dogs, run by Treat Play Love. Belinda Young is the owner and lead trainer, and she has developed Training Basics as a great starting point for pet dog owners to learn to train their dogs.

Whether you have just acquired a new dog, or your puppy is growing up and needs to learn some manners, Training Basics will have something to offer you.

The 6-week course covers: – Basic training, including sit, drop, settle, leave it, and more.
– Leash manners
– Training with distractions
– Focusing around other dogs
– Trick training
– Troubleshooting problem behaviours

Belinda is a Delta Accredited trainer and teaches clients to train their dog using reward-based training methods. Training with positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to make lasting change to your dog’s behaviour without damaging your bond. The methods promoted in Treat Play Love classes are supported by the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA, and are widely considered best practice in Australia and around the world.

Behavioural problems are the number one reason for dogs to be relinquished to shelters in Australia, and we believe that group classes are an ideal way for families to make lasting changes to their pet’s behaviour to help change this statistic.

For more information about Training Basics contact Belinda directly on 0466 110 789 or at www.treatplaylove.com.au