Repeat Prescriptions

It is a legal requirement that vets must examine the animals under their care on a regular basis.

This is important for the health of the animal as doses are often tailored to suit individuals.  If the pet is not improving as well as was hoped for, then we may need to re-assess medication.

Doses of medications for skin conditions may need to be altered with the seasons of the year.  Some medications may need to be monitored with blood tests on a regular basis.

So – if you contact us for a repeat prescription you may be instructed to come for a check up to review your pet’s progress and ensure that the treatment is effective.  In many cases a verbal telephone report is all that is required and repeat prescriptions are suitable for long term medication.

Please allow 24 hours for us to prepare the medication.  We have to check the patient’s records and the prescription has to be authorised and checked by a vet.

We also stock a range of pet care products available without prescription, including the most effective wormers, flea and tick control products, shampoos, complete diets, specialist foods and nutritional supplements.

Our veterinary nurses can assist with free advice as to how to get the most from these products and optimise their use in a cost-effective manner.