The Dog With No Ear Canals

This is Millie, a 4 year old Silky Terrier cross who moved to a new home recently.

Her new owners were concerned about the long-standing skin allergy, which affected her ears.

The ears had been infected for so long that the canals were totally blocked with thickened tissue; both eardrums were ruptured, and the middle ear cavities were full of infected tissue (they should normally be air-filled).

We improved her skin with medication for the allergies, but her ears were irreversibly damaged and painful.

The only option was a procedure called a total ear canal ablation with lateral bulla osteotomy.

This involves removing the ear canals, enlarging the hole where the eardrums used to be and scraping out the middle ear cavities.

The photo below shows a polyp removed from her right ear. This is a delicate operation with high risk of severe bleeding and nerve damage.

Fortunately, Millie’s surgery went very well and she is now very happy with no ear canals. Her owners report that amazingly her hearing has actually improved since her operations!

We still have to keep her skin allergy under control for the rest of her life, which requires regular management and checks. Millie and her new owners are happy that she is no longer in pain.

4 thoughts on “The Dog With No Ear Canals”

  1. It’s always sad when pets are afflicted by something that restricts their normal faculties and they can’t understand what’s happening to them so it’s nice to hear about this lovely dog getting the very best of treatment…

  2. Used to have spaniels and it was a real mission keeping their ears clean and dry. Very prone to infections. Poor guys – keeping pets is just like having children, don’t you think?

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